CO-AM Software Platform

For Serial Manufacturing and Mass Personalization

Producing hundreds or thousands of the same part requires consistency and reliability. 3D printing has proved it’s capable of doing so, but only with the right software can you optimize serial manufacturing and ensure repeatability. The CO-AM Software Platform printing platform provides you with end-to-end tools that enable fully streamlined and scalable workflows.

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Why choose the CO-AM platform?

done Meeting Quality Standards

In-line quality control is still relatively new to AM technologies and presents a barrier for manufacturers to implement. Deloitte

done Ensuring repeatability

Only 21% of enterprise AM users use AM for more than prototyping. Gartner

done Scaling Throughput

Because most current AM machines are made for prototyping rather than series production, mass production scale is hard to attain. Mckinsey

Covering your entire workflow

Production Request

Instant Quoting & Ordering

Manage 3DP orders from order to delivery

Production Planning

Control your entire production floor with one solution

Data Preparation & Serialisation

Make parts printable with industry-leading tools

Build Processors

Seamlessly link software to your 3D printers

Post Processing

Ensure each part is produced to specification

Order Fullfilled

Excel with additional Materialise support



Find success in AM and form a clear strategy with guidance from our 3D printing advisors


contact for partners

Contact for partners

Learn how to optimize your use of Materialise software with training courses, tutorials, and more


Build Processors

Build Processors

Simplify communication with your 3D printer with our range of customizable Build Processors.


3D Printing Lightweight Metal Parts at Scale for Pinarello: 2,000 Parts from Order to Delivery Every Three Weeks

“With 3D printing’s accessibility, we can offer this technology to more than just the top cyclists competing in the Tour de France. We can offer it to everyone around the world.”

— Maurizio Bellin, Chief of Operations, Pinarello

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HeyGears Creates Personalized Prosthetic Designs in Seconds with Materialise Software

“By collaborating with 3D printing pioneer Materialise, we are able to further automate the design flow, reducing complexity and generating significant time benefits.”

— Heyuan Huang, Vice President and Co-Founder of HeyGears

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How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

“For us, the most important benefit of using Materialise software is the ability to directly connect our 3D printing machines to our SAP production planning tool. This connection provides us with data from the factory floor on the status of each print, on how long production is going to take, and when the print is ready to go to the next station.”

— Danila Marco, Digital Technology Additive Leader

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