Materialise e-Stage for Resin

Lower labor costs and realize other significant savings in your resin production with the Materialise e-Stage for resin module. Cut data preparation and finishing times with its powerful algorithm and adjust the extensive parameter list to suit the support structure for your machine, material, and part geometry. Ensure successful builds every time with e-Stage.


Streamline data preparation

Decrease your time spent on support design by up to 90% using automated software for stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) machines. 

Lower resin consumption 

Lower your part’s resin consumption using gusset parameters and recuperate excess raw material thanks to e-Stage’s open structures and excellent drainage capabilities. 

Reduce time spent on support removal

Cut the time spent on support removal by up to 50% with e-Stage’s needle-thin contact points and a grid structure.

Simplify finishing for parts

Reduce the time spent finishing a part, as e-Stage only generates support structures where needed. Furthermore, the unique needle shape minimizes surface damage, requiring less repair work.

Materialise e-Stage has reduced material usage, fully automated support generation, improved part quality due to reduced supports, and facilitated faster processing times.

 Nitin ChaudhariPartner at Shree Rapid Technologies


Automatically generates support structures

e-Stage automatically generates support structures and reinforces all the necessary surfaces and support connections of tall, thin parts. The software also accounts for the force of the recoater during production.

Inside Materialise’s large-scale Mammoth stereolithography printer


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