Materialise e-Stage for Metal

Reduce costs and staff-hours by semi-automating the support generation process for metal 3D-printed parts. Use e-Stage’s powerful algorithm to cut data preparation and finishing time and adjust the extensive parameter list to suit the support structure for your machine, material, and part geometry. Ensure successful builds every time with e-Stage.

Metal 3D-printed part with thin support structures


Streamline data preparation

Reduce time spent on support removal

Simplify finishing for parts 

The support structures generated by Materialise e-Stage led to the same high-quality standards as the previous process. The difference is the huge increase in speed for support generation and removal.

Clément BarretAM Manager for volum-e


Automatically generates support structures

e-Stage automatically generates support structures and reinforces all the necessary surfaces and support connections of tall, thin parts. The software also accounts for the force of the recoater during production.

Close up of a metal part with support structures


Interested in e-Stage for metal?

Our experts will set up a demo with you to show you e-Stage for metal in action. Together, we’ll explore the software’s functionalities and discuss how it could advance your production.

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