RSNA 2020

29 Nov 2020 - 04 Dec 2020

Point-of-Care 3D Printing is your most powerful tool for personalizing patient care. 
Materialise is always there to support you on your journey, from consultancy, to partnering, to powering your in-house 3D printing lab. 

Engage with the market leader in medical 3D printing software in services at Radiology Society of America’s first ever Virtual Exhibit! (RSNA)

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What’s New in Magics 25

01 Dec 2020 Online

Whether you’ve already upgraded or are still using an earlier version of Magics, this free webinar will teach you all you need to know about what Magics 25 is capable of. Join our software experts to discover all that you can achieve using fewer clicks than ever before, thanks to the new, intuitive workflows and features.

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The New Normal in Manufacturing

03 Dec 2020 Online

The entire world of manufacturing experienced a shift this year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains were disrupted, production lines were halted, and budgets were cut. Going forward now with a new awareness of vulnerabilities, one objective is high on businesses' agendas: becoming future-proof. How can additive manufacturing contribute towards that goal?

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Materialise Process Tuner

09 Dec 2020 Online

The Materialise Process Tuner enables facilities to store process development parameters in the cloud while automating workflows and providing process insights. Join our software experts to get the first look.

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Discover the Mimics Enlight TMVR planner - with Live Q&A

10 Dec 2020 Webinar

Materialise technical consultants demonstrate the benefits of transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) case planning and screening using Mimics Enlight.

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Magics Storefront

16 Dec 2020 Online

Round out your 3D printing factory’s use of Materialise software with our new e-commerce/CRM solution coming in 2021: Magics Storefront. Link your customers to your production like never before with its best-in-class features that integrate seamlessly with the widest range of 3D printing technologies.

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