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Our open and flexible platform of software and services enables researchers, engineers, and healthcare professionals to offer personalized care. 

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Materialise aMace
Materialise Glenius
3D planning and guides for shoulder
3D planning and guides for knee
3D planning and guides for osteotomies
Point-of-care 3D printing
Materialise Personalized Solutions
Materialise Standard+ Solutions
Materialise HeartPrint
Pressure plates & 3D scanners
Materialise footscan v9
Materialise phits orthotics
Materialise Mimics Medical
Materialise 3-matic Medical
Materialise Mimics Viewer
Materialise ADAM
Materialise SurgiCase
Custom plugins
Ready-to-use plugins
Materialise Segment Thin Bone Plugin
Materialise Compare Masks Plugin
Materialise AI Assistant Plugin
Mimics Enlight TMVR
Mimics Enlight LAAO
Materialise Mimics inPrint
Materialise OrthoView
Materialise Mimics Planner
Materialise Magics Dental Module