Mimics Planner for Structural Heart Interventions

Online case planning solutions

Leverage advanced 3D modeling and planning on our interactive platform to better prepare for your structural heart interventions. You’ll enter the cath lab with greater confidence thanks to reliable 3D insights into your patient’s unique anatomy and a clear plan for the procedure.

Illustration of a 3D model of the heart, with a tmvr device superimposed on the image


Reliable 3D insights

Planning when you need it

Facilitate team discussions

Security as a priority

How it works

Icons showing the workflow for Materialise Mimics Planner: from patient scanning to uploading files to digital planning to surgery

Step 1: Upload CT
Securely upload your patient's scans to be analyzed and professionally reviewed by our clinical planning specialists.

Step 2: Case preparation
Our skilled team leverages and reviews AI to prepare your procedure for you.

Step 3: Online intervention planning
Leverage our 3D modeling to interact with the anatomy and review the plan in 3D.

Step 4: Bring 3D into the cath lab
Have the plan at your fingertips to reference at any point during the procedure.

Team discussing the surgical plan for a TAVR procedure in a meeting room

Tailored to your procedures

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)

Greater control

Gain more control over your procedural plan with our cloud-based software developed specifically for TAVR procedures.  

Planning support 

Our team creates a custom plan for your case so you can accelerate and simplify decision-making. 

Complex structural heart interventions

Complete planning support

Our team is available each step of the way, creating a custom plan for your case and offering video calls to walk you through it. 

Faster decision-making 

Skip the software learning curve. With a detailed plan from our team, you can get right to decision-making for your procedure. 

Explore the interactive TAVR planner

When planning our transcatheter mitral and tricuspid* valve interventions, the meticulous CT analyses and simulations provided by Materialise have so often shown to be of critical value when making a decision on eligibility and the concrete planning of these cases. We couldn’t imagine planning and performing these cases without this valuable preprocedural information.

Ole De Backer, MD, PhD, Professor of Cardiology — University of Copenhagen, Interventional Cardiology Consultant, The Heart Center — Rigshospitalet
Ole De Backer, MD, PhDProfessor of Cardiology — University of Copenhagen, Interventional Cardiology Consultant, The Heart Center — Rigshospitalet


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*In the context of research collaboration

Mimics Planner for TAVR makes use of Mimics Cardiac Planner