Mimics Certification Program

Set up a 3D lab validated for diagnostic use

Start your efficient, innovation-driven, and patient-centric 3D printing facility at the point of care with hardware and software that are fully certified for diagnostic applications. In this program, we work with hardware manufacturers to identify printers and materials compatible with Mimics so you can start your 3D lab with confidence. 

Two people checking software for 3D planning


A solid foundation

Start your hospital 3D lab with Materialise Mimics — the world’s first 3D printing software certified for clinical use — and hardware that’s fully compatible.

Less overhead

Save time and reduce the burden on your quality control processes by starting with pre-vetted printers and materials.


Build internal and external credibility for your new 3D lab by using certified tools and materials.

3D printers and materials certified for use with Mimics

Image of a Formlabs 3D printer next to a transluscent 3D-printed heart model
Stratasys 3D printer next to a 3D-printed anatomical model
Ultimaker 3D printer next to a 3D-printed hip model
HP 3D printer next to a colorful 3D-printed skull model

Together with leading 3D printer manufacturers, we completed rigorous testing and analysis of specific material-printer combinations. These tests determined which 3D-printed models met specific acceptance criteria for each clinical indication when adhering to the technical instructions from the machine manufacturer.  

We identified combinations that may be safely used with the Materialise Mimics software to print models for diagnostic scenarios such as multidisciplinary team communication or surgical planning. 

These printers and materials are suitable for orthopaedic, cranio-maxillofacial, and cardiovascular anatomical models. 


Vat Polymerization


  • Single-Material desktop SLA-printing
  • The Formlabs Form 3B+/3BL printers can be ordered from Materialise as a bundle with Mimics software. 
  • Materials: Grey V4 FLGPGR04, Clear V4 FLGPGR04, White V4 FLGPWH04

The Formlabs Form 3B+/3BL printers can be ordered from Materialise as a bundle with Mimics software. 




  • Multicolor, multi-material, and biocompatible* in a single print tray
  • Materials: VeroVivid™ Cyan, VeroVivid™ Magenta, VeroVivid™ Yellow, DraftWhite, MED610, MED615RGD, VeroUltraClear™S, Elastico™ Clear


  • Multicolor, multi-material PolyJet printing
  • Materials: Agilus, VeroBlackPlus, VeroClear, VeroCyan, VeroGrey, VeroMagenta, VeroPureWhite, VeroYellow


  • Multicolor, multi-material Digital Anatomy™ PolyJet printing
  • Materials: Agilus, Vero BlackPlus, VeroClear, VeroCyan, VeroGrey, VeroMagenta, VeroPureWhite, VeroYellow


  • Single-material desktop-based PolyJet printing with biocompatible materials*
  • Material: MED610


Jet Fusion 

HP MJF 580

  • Jet fusion multicolor
  • Material: 3D HR CB PA 12


Material Extrusion

Ultimaker S5

  • Dual-material desktop extrusion printing
  • Material: PLA 

*Materialise does not take any ownership of this statement. 

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