3D Planning & Guides for Shoulder Arthroplasty

Personalization made easy

State-of-the-art personalized solutions for shoulder arthroplasty, from standard to stand-out cases. Get powerful insights from intuitive and reliable 3D planning tools, and enhance predictability with personalized guides and implants.

Digital image of a shoulder bone with red measurement lines in front of a computer screen

Augment your surgical insights

Get started easily

Fast and reliable 3D reconstructions, in combination with familiar CT images, make selecting and sizing implants very intuitive.

Unique defect analysis

A unique analysis classification in combination with 2D and 3D images gives you a full overview of the pathology.

Powerful shoulder dynamics

Simulate complex biomechanics of implant components and, enhance the predictability of shoulder replacements with the Muscle Elongation tool in our shoulder planner.

Plan anywhere

Upload images and seamlessly plan your cases from any device with an internet connection.

Enhanced intra-op precision

3D-printed surgical guides are valuable precision tools, and personalized implants can address the most complex shoulder anatomy.

Future-proof solution

Innovations we are working on in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and soft tissue simulations will accelerate personalization.

Powerful and intuitive 3D planning

Fast and reliable 3D views

Combining intelligent automation with experts’ quality checks, the generated 3D views provide confidence to make the right choice for each patient.

Enhanced intra-op precision

Scapula bone model with a personalized guide attached

Personalized guides

An optional 3D-printed glenoid guide, designed with the patented coracoid clip for stability, provides a reliable and accurate method to execute the surgical plan through conventional surgical techniques.

Shoulder bone model with a personalized, 3D-printed implant

Personalized implants

In primary and revision cases that involve severe bone defects, Materialise Glenius offers an extensive 3D analysis and personalized implant to aim for a sustainable solution.

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