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Quality & Process Control

Prove critical parts can be produced by AM

Transform additive manufacturing (AM) process monitoring and quality data into actionable insights using AI and IIoT connectivity in this secure, collaborative, and open software system. Build confidence in your 3D-printed end-use parts and demonstrate process stability throughout your AM workflow with QPC.

An image of an aircraft engine with a gust of wind in front of the QPC Process Lab dashboard screen

How to ensure repeatability with QPC

Overcome AM uncertainty with data 

Improve R&D economics 

Get your process under control

Identify defects and anomalies 

Instill confidence in AM

An image of nine squares with part ID numbers and the QPC Process Lab dashboard showing different R&D expirment parameters - a gust of wind flows between the dasboard and the parts.


Drive parameter development

An image of an experimental part with multiple cylinders on the surface and another image of two QPC Process Lab dasboards - a gust of wind flows between the cylinders and the dasboards


Demonstrate process control

An image of the QPC dashboard showing different parameters for an EOS 3D printer - a gust of wind is flowing throughout the dashboard


Integrated QA and QC

An image of a heat map showing the defective area on part, and another image of a 3D design for an AM part - a gust of wind flows throughout the two images

Root cause analysis

Investigate and solve issues

An image of the CO-AM logo with strings connecting to other companies: AMT, AM-Flow, Nikon SLM Solutions, DyeMansion, EOS, Stratasys, Twikit, Postprocess, and HP


Customize your ecosystem

An image showing the QPC system connecting to different data sources, such as layer, 3D, process, and test data, along with material and equipment & environment information

QPC Layer Analysis 

Fail fast and improve AM ROI with Layer Analysis: a module that allows you to auto-detect and quantify defects in 2D layer data and map them to 3D models. Reduce manufacturing costs and identify scrap even earlier in the production chain.

The CO-AM ecosystem

QPC is just one component of the end-to-end CO-AM solution.

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