Materialise CO-AM Software Platform

Unlock the potential of 3D printing for serial manufacturing

Producing hundreds or thousands of the same part requires consistency and reliability. 3D printing has proved it’s capable of doing so, but only with the right software can you optimize serial manufacturing and ensure repeatability. The Materialise CO-AM Software Platform provides you with the tools you need for fully streamlined and scalable workflows. 

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Why choose the CO-AM platform?  

Meet quality standards 

In-line quality control is still relatively new to AM technologies and presents a barrier for manufacturers to implement. -Deloitte 

Ensure repeatability 

Only 21% of enterprise AM users use AM for more than prototyping. -Gartner

Scale throughput 

Because most current AM machines are made for prototyping rather than series production, mass production scale is hard to attain. -McKinsey  

Covering your entire AM workflow

CO-AM’s central data fabric links digital tools and process feedback across the entire AM workflow so you can track, control, and continuously improve your AM processes. 

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1. Instant ordering and quoting

Manage 3D printing requests from order placement to delivery.

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2. Process development and production planning

Accelerate process development and optimize your planning. 

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3. Workflow automation, data preparation, and build preparation 

Get your parts ready for printing with industry-leading tools. 

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4. Build processing, MES, and shopfloor telemetry  

Seamlessly link all your 3D printers and post-processing equipment. 

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5. Post-processing 

Ensure parts correspond to their designs and meet the highest standards. 


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