Materialise Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Gain total control over your downstream processes for consistent output at scale

Optimize your downstream additive manufacturing (AM) processes to streamline production and scale your operations with confidence. MES provides user-based access to real-time information about what’s happening on the production floor, helping you make sound, data-based decisions.  

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Generate actionable insights  

Gain a complete overview of every aspect of your downstream processes, from order status and bill of materials, to checklists, worker tasks, and more.

Configure manufacturing travelers 

Easily add production, process, quality, and yield data to manufacturing travelers or work plans to record crucial quality data per process.

Achieve repeatability at scale 

Track the genealogy of components, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies to measure output at each manufacturing stage and improve overall quality.  

Maximize production capacity and throughput

Optimize build capacity and schedule your production more efficiently using a central planning tool.

Production planning features

Template plans

Configure and template digital work plans to ensure repeatability.

Quality checklists

Build in questionnaires to clearly demonstrate which parts meet quality standards.

Optimized nesting

Automate build preparation by integrating our 2D and 3D nesting application.

Integrate support generation functions

Streamline support generation using Magics and GrabCAD.

Detailed scheduling

Prioritize scheduling based on due dates, material usage, and production parameters.

Production scheduling features

Visual planning

Use Gantt charts and list views to gain clear insights into your production.

End-to-end tracking

Trace each work order throughout the 3D printing workflow and ensure on-time delivery.

Manage machine downtime

Log downtime and build failures across the entire value chain.

Conduct root cause analysis

Use Quality Management System data analytics and reports to obtain actionable insights.

Maximize machine capacity

Batch parts and model real shop floor activities with Lot Management.

Rule-based scheduling

Define rules based on configurable priorities.

Interested in MES?

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