Materialise Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Gain total control over your downstream processes for consistent output at scale

Optimize your downstream additive manufacturing (AM) processes to streamline production and scale your operations with confidence. MES provides user-based access to real-time information about what’s happening on the production floor, helping you make sound, data-based decisions.  

Woman sitting at a desk using Materialise software


Generate actionable insights  

Gain a complete overview of every aspect of your downstream processes, from order status and bill of materials, to checklists, worker tasks, and more.

Configure manufacturing travelers 

Easily add production, process, quality, and yield data to manufacturing travelers or work plans to record crucial quality data per process.

Achieve repeatability at scale 

Track the genealogy of components, sub-assemblies, and final assemblies to measure output at each manufacturing stage and improve overall quality.  

Interested in MES?

MES is part of the CO-AM software platform. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how MES and the CO-AM platform can support your business.

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