Materialise Production Planning & Scheduling

Maximize production capacity and throughput for smarter resource usage

Achieving the most efficient use of your materials and machines is crucial when you’re manufacturing components at scale using 3D printing. The Materialise Production Planning & Scheduling module helps you boost productivity by nesting parts and offers powerful visual tools for scheduling and tracking work orders throughout the production process.  

Person sitting at a computer with production planning and scheduling software


Maximize capacity 

Speed up production time and optimize material and machine usage by efficiently nesting multiple geometries from work orders. 

Configure priority scheduling 

Schedule jobs based on the most relevant priorities, such as due date, minimization of material switchover, or production parameters.  

Improve planning and coordination 

Use powerful Gantt charts to build a visual overview of every work order across your entire production floor and track progress to deliver on time. 


End-to-end traceability 

Capture and store data throughout the 3D printing lifecycle for quality review and easy reordering.  

Track job failures and downtime  

Use checklists attached to manufacturing travelers to record reasons for job failures and machine downtime.  

Data analytics and reporting 

Detect production bottlenecks, track resource usage, and analyze ROI across your operations.  

Interested in Production Planning & Scheduling?

Production Planning & Scheduling is part of the CO-AM software platform. Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how this module and the CO-AM platform can support your business.

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