Materialise Nester

Materialise Nester is a module for Magics featuring a wide array of tools that allow you to nest your 3D models in a controlled way. Alongside advanced algorithms and speed, this 3D nester also offers options to protect small parts, indicate no-build zones, and print on multiple machines. 

Many parts nested within a box, prepared for 3D printing


Obtain excellent part quality

Optimize printing platforms for an equal distribution of material to ensure an even heat level and high dimensional and surface quality. Nesting tools also allow you to reach high build density without affecting quality.

Optimize your use of machine capacity

Optimally distribute parts over your available printers while considering part priorities and other properties with multiplatform nesting.

Run a profitable business

Create a sub-nest of parts from the same order to calculate an accurate quote. Commit to tight lead times by packing in more parts per build so you can increase printer profitability, reduce powder usage, and avoid scrap.


Rotation freedom

Assign the rotation freedom for each individual part in steps of 15°

Translation freedom

Assign translation freedom for each individual part

Optimize slice distribution

Minimize the slice area and temperature difference between each layer

No-build zones

Avoid building parts in problem regions and improve printing quality

Protective cases

Generate protective cases to group small parts and protect fragile parts

Interested in Nester?

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