Materialise Build Processor

Communication with your 3D printer has never been smoother

Before 3D printing a part, you need a solution that communicates part data in a clear, unambiguous way to the printer. Our Build Processors provide a seamless connection between software and hardware to help machine owners get the most out of 3D printers, simplify the printing process, and greatly improve productivity. 

Screen showing Build Processor options


Built with and for you

Realized through partnerships with industry-leading machine builders, Build Processors combine the best of innovative software and additive manufacturing (AM) to fulfill your needs with respect to IP. 

Get the most out of your machines

Build Processors let you optimize for speed, quality, and consistency of AM productions with proven technology and a connection to a wealth of software applications.

Scale your operations

Build Processors support your journey of introducing new technologies into AM operations, growing the size of your machine park, and increasing your technology and material offering.


Best-in-class algorithms

Performant and stable algorithms take care of the heaviest calculations to get printable results for even the most complex builds with certainty and speed.

A consistent, time-saving experience

Enjoy a smooth and automated user experience from parameter management to strategy assignment to sending your job files directly to your 3D printer.

Seamless integration

Connect to an ecosystem of AM software applications from Materialise and our partners. From build and data preparation to production management.

Speed up innovations

Our open and extendable platform includes a powerful and accessible software development kit so you can quickly turn your AM process ideas into reality, with respect for IP throughout.

Leverage AM expertise

Tailor the solution to your machine and applications in close collaboration with our experts.

A digital thread

Centrally manage your AM machine digital twins and all associated data to ensure a single source of truth throughout your entire workflow.

Materialise employee in a production area, viewing a screen on a 3D printer
Close-up view of a Materialise employee viewing a screen on an EOS 3D printer

Interested in Build Processors?

Our experts will set up a demo to show Build Processors in action. Together, we’ll explore its functionalities and discuss how it could advance your production.

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