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Unlock applications for your customers quickly, gain a competitive edge, and differentiate yourself in the crowded additive manufacturing (AM) market with our NxG BPs.

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Innovate without revealing your IP

Gain control of your software releases

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Classic BP

AM workflow integration

Our NxG BPs empower you to scale your build processor development with customizable BPs that can be built at speed, enabling shorter and cheaper software development cycles. Furthermore, they work with Magics and within the Materialise CO-AM Software Platform to provide you and your customers with a complete AM software ecosystem. Alternatively, NxG BPs also operate independently to support your AM workflow as you see fit.

Man sitting at a desk with two computer screens and a laptop, working on a 3D printing build in Magics

Capabilities of the NxG BP

Choose your build processor development path

Next-Gen Build Processors are built upon the foundation of BP SDK, a tool that provides the primary building blocks to create personalized BPs that can improve the productivity of your 3D printers. Inquire about our Materialise Make and Customer Make customization programs to explore which development path suits you.

Three women sitting at a table in a meeting on their laptops with a large screen showing a planning tool

Materialise Make | We make your BP for you

Take advantage of 30+ years of AM experience embedded within our NxG BP off-the-shelf solution. Easily configure existing BP parameter settings to your needs.

A laptop screen with coding, viewed from over the shoulder of the coder

Customer Make | Customize your BP

Push the limits of your 3D printing technologies by customizing BP algorithms with BP SDK. Additionally, BPs can even be integrated with your IP and existing software.

Working with Materialise, we have made a giant leap in developing a high-performative build processor. With this next generation of build processors, our customers using Materialise software will save time during the print job setup and profit from tools to optimize their print process.

Nicolas LemaireProduct Manager of Software, Product Control, and Strategic Partners at Nikon SLM

Materialise offers with their BP SDK a powerful toolbox for developing our own build processor. It provides the opportunity to create a competitive technology solution while we were able to focus on process-related details and integrate our own IP.

Dr. Thorsten LöwerManaging Director, Pro-beam

With this highly flexible platform, the user is able to control up to 170 parameters, fully utilizing Renishaw's open source parameter ethos. However, it maintains a user-friendly interface, using predetermined parameters so that the build can be prepared in a few simple steps.

David EwingProduct Marketing Engineer, Renishaw

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