Materialise MiniMagics

Free STL and 3MF viewer

If you’re working with a 3D printing service provider, you need a tool that allows you to view files compatible with 3D printing and communicate efficiently with your account manager. MiniMagics is our free STL and 3MF viewer that allows you to see the same file your account manager sees.

Top left corner of a computer screen showing a 3D design of a part in MiniMagics


View STL files for free

With MiniMagics, you can view STL files, perform measurements, and communicate your remarks to others.

Communicate efficiently

Thanks to commenting features,  communication between account managers and customers is smoother than ever.

Verify part printability

Sign off on printable parts with the viewer to reduce scrap, thus improving the use of materials and printing time and costs.


3D model viewer

Rotate, pan, and zoom parts; inspect the inside of parts with transparent and cross-section views; make distance, circle, and angle measurements.

Detailed part information

View dimension, volume, surface, and mesh information, see diagnostics, and add text annotations to be included in .magics files.

Import and export

Support .stl, .magics,. mgx, and .3mf files. Compress .stl files up to a factor of 20 (.mgx).

Evaluate file quality

Detect errors in the file, such as bad edges, flipped triangles, and multiple shells.

System requirements

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