Materialise Magics


Reduce weight, preserve strength and stability, or make parts more porous to ensure optimal performance using the Magics Lattice module.

An internal view of a 3D model with a lattice design that's being created in the Materialise Lattice Module


Design optimization

Save time, material, and cost

Stiffness control

Weight reduction


Heat exchanger

Increase the ratio of the surface area per volume by promoting heat exchange between the part and its environment using lattices. Additionally, the high porosity and openness of the lattices allow for liquids and gases to easily pass through to remove or add heat.


Create resin casts with tetrahedron lattices. These lattices are specifically designed to be self-supporting during resin printing and easy to burn out during casting.

Icon of a doctor using a face mask and a stethoscope

Medical implants

Encourage bone growth with lattices, as implants can provide rough surfaces and porous openings, strengthening the connection between the implant and the bone. 


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