Materialise Support Generation

Optimizing support structures is key to preventing deformation and ensuring a successful build. Too little support or incorrectly placed structures may cause the build to crash, but too much can lead to more waste. Semi-automate support structure generation to reduce data preparation time, minimize human error, and simplify post-processing.

Metal 3D-printed part on a build plate with tree supports


Semi-automated workflows

Follow suggested processes to quickly generate optimal support and avoid human errors.

Time savings

Gain efficiency during data preparation and post-processing thanks to automation and optimized support structures.

Better part quality

Boost the quality of your parts with easily removable support and a lower risk of build failures.

Ideal for the 3D printing technology you use

Metal 3D printing

Support optimized specifically for metal ensures even heat distribution and keep build failures to a minimum.

Metal 3D-printed part with the focus on the support structures

Interested in Support Generation?

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