Materialise Support Generation

Optimizing support structures is key to preventing deformation and ensuring a successful build. Too little support or incorrectly placed structures may cause the build to crash, but too much can lead to more waste. Semi-automate support structure generation to reduce data preparation time, minimize human error, and simplify post-processing.

Metal 3D-printed part on a build plate with tree supports


Semi-automated workflows

Time savings

Better part quality

Ideal for the 3D printing technology you use

Metal 3D printing

Reduce costs and staff-hours by semi-automating the support generation process for your metal 3D-printed parts with Materialise e-Stage for metal. With this module, you can cut time spent on data preparation, support design and removal, and finishing while reducing human error. Avoid costly build crashes and ensure successful prints every time.

A metal 3D-printed part with e-Stage for Metal+ support

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