Materialise Magics

Ansys Simulation

Improve part quality and reduce errors in your production by simulating the metal additive manufacturing (AM) build process with the Magics Ansys Simulation module.

A 3D-printed parts with supports in the foreground and a 3D model of the part in the Ansys Simulation module in the background.


Minimize time-to-market and development costs

Reduce scrap rate

Improve product quality and accuracy

Validate data preparation

5 reasons to choose the Ansys Simulation module

  • The module is for everyone and easy to use, offering a flat learning curve and quickly generating results without the need for expert knowledge
  • Prevent operation and transfer errors without switching between software systems 
  • Evaluate AM-relevant results and optimize your Magics data prep results by seamlessly integrating them into Magics’ workflow 
  • Leverage market-proven, high-end AM simulation technology powered by the Ansys solver
  •  Boost AM ROI with a competitively priced software module designed for metal 3D printing


Interested in Simulation?

Our experts will set up a demo with you to show you Simulation in action. Together, we’ll explore the software’s functionalities and discuss how it could advance your production.

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