Need to prepare your CAD design for 3D Printing?

Easily import, fix and edit your 3D design files

You have a 3D printer and you have your CAD design ready. That’s great! But how do you get full control over the next steps, from design to your 3D printed part?

Materialise’s software solutions enable you to print your parts the way you want them to be printed, reducing preparation time and build failures, allowing you to increase your productivity.

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How to edit 3D models in Materialise Magics

Hollow, cut, rescale, label and more

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Improve AM productivity with data preparation software

Import and convert 
nearly all file formats to STL in seconds

Analyze the part quality  
including wall thickness, to ensure printability

Repair challenging errors  
such as manifolds, thin walls, and non-watertight designs with a variety of fixing features that preserve color and texture

  • ShrinkWrap and Autofix automatically fix common errors
  • Fix Wizard guides you through the fixing process step-by-step
  • Manually repair errors yourself

Save time and costs   
by optimizing parts with editing tools

  • Hollowing
  • Cutting
  • Labels
  • Honeycomb
  • Perforation
  • And more

Save tons of time   
with additional modules of Magics

  • Nest SLS parts in seconds
  • Generate plastic and metal supports with e-Stage, reducing metal data preparation time by up to 90% and finishing time by up to 50%
  • Predict build failures before printing with Simulation
  • Lower weight and cut down on costs by adding structures

Our software is being used in +75 countries all over the world by:


of the largest metal AM system manufacturers1


of the automotive companies of the Fortune Global 5002


of the largest industrial AM system manufacturers1


of the top 20 companies of the Fortune Global 5002

1 largest system manufacturers based on Wohlers 2017
2 2019

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You’re already experienced in prepping your files for 3D Printing, but are still looking to improve the capabilities of your service or business?

Discover our advanced modules or other 3D print software programs from the Magics 3D Print Suite to meet your needs of design optimization, production management, quality management, and much more.

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