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Turning complexity into simplicity

3D printing is complex, but preparing your parts doesn't have to be. Explore the latest features in Magics, including the upgraded 3D Nester, our new Lattice Module, and the highly anticipated dark theme.

A laptop showing three, 3D models being designed in Magics and a larger, lattice-inspired 3D model.

Explore Magics' newest features

Dark theme

A new, comprehensive Lattice Module

Enhanced CAD tools

Organic sinter boxes

Advanced 3D nesting options

Contactless support

Preserve labels and supports

Performance improvements

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Magics 28 is another huge leap forward for an already solid software package. The improvements to the 3D Nester save a lot of time and make accurately packing builds very easy. Organic sinter boxes help save space and pack even more parts into builds. But my favorite new feature has to be the dark theme — it makes the software so much easier to look at!

Image of Paul DeWys, Sales Engineer at Forerunner 3D
Paul DeWysSales Engineer, Forerunner 3D Printing
A laptop showing three, 3D models being designed in Magics and a larger, lattice-inspired 3D model.

Licensing options and benefits

Our licenses are sold on an annual basis, giving you access to our software for one year. Multi-year contracts are also available if you prefer. On top of access to the software, you are also entitled to:  

  • The latest software upgrades, ensuring your software is always up to date  
  • Direct access to our technical support team
  • The flexibility to switch hardware as needed without any additional costs   
  • Free onboarding and update training sessions, allowing you to explore the software in depth   
  • Access to our beta program to provide direct feedback on our development activities

Additionally, depending on the flexibility you require — such as working from different locations or computers — you can choose between locked and floating licenses.

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