Magics Update

What to expect from this training

A laptop showing three, 3D models being designed in Magics and a larger, lattice-inspired 3D model.

Take full advantage of the newest updates and features in Magics 28. Following this free training will minimize your learning curve so you can immediately introduce the new features to your workflow. It's available to all Magics customers through the Materialise learning platform — register today to follow the online or in-person sessions.

Practical info


All Magics users — engineers, production managers, and R&D managers


Basic to advanced


  • Video classes and live online sessions 
  • In-person sessions at the Materialise office


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese


  • Online — video classes and two half-day live sessions 
  • In-person — one full day 



What you will learn

  • A full update on all new and improved features in Magics 28
  • How to apply the new capabilities via practical examples

Lessons included in this training

Upcoming sessions

We don't have any upcoming sessions for this training right now — but don't worry, we'll add more soon! Keep an eye on our calendar for the newest additions.

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