Software Solutions for Data Preparation

Easily import, fix, and edit your 3D design files

Without the right software, making a 3D design file printable takes a lot of time and effort. Magics simplifies data and build preparation with one easy-to-use solution that includes both CAD and mesh tools. Ready to experience easier, faster, and smarter 3D printing software? 

Angled view of a screen with a 3D design in Magics that has support structures


Analyze part quality 

Check wall thickness to ensure printability. 

Import capabilities

Import and convert nearly all CAD file formats to STL in seconds.

Repair challenging errors

Correct manifolds, thin walls, and non-watertight designs with automated, semi-automated, and manual fixing tool options.

Optimize parts

Use editing tools for hollowing, cutting, labeling, honeycombs, perforation, and more.

Save time and costs

Additional modules help you quickly nest parts, generate optimized support structures, simulate builds before printing, and more.

Suits any technology

No matter the 3D printing technology or machines you use, Magics and its modules can help you prepare a fully optimized build.

Find the software trial that suits your needs

Compare our data and build preparation software tools to see which one is the right fit for your production.

Magics Essentials Trial

For occasional users or small and medium design studios regularly preparing files for 3D printing and requiring a flexible subscription. Recommended for data prep for all 3D printing technologies.

Standard Magics Trial

For expert users working with 3D printing on a daily basis that need a reliable, state-of-the-art solution. Recommended for data prep for all 3D printing technologies and basic build preparation.

Advanced Magics Trial

For expert users working with 3D printing on a daily basis that need a reliable solution. Recommended for advanced build preparation for SLS, SLM, SLA, MJF, and EBM machines.

Our software is used in 75+ countries by: 


of the largest metal 3D printing system manufacturers* 


of automotive companies in the Fortune Global 500*


of the largest industrial 3D printing system manufacturers* 


of the top 20 companies in the Fortune Global 500* 

*Based on data from Wohlers 

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