Materialise Magics Essentials

Versatile 3D printing part preparation software

Drastically improve your 3D printing design in minutes with the flexible and powerful Magics Essentials. Suitable for occasional and frequent users, Magics Essentials provides access to various part preparation features found in our Magics software. Whether you’re a sole professional or an experienced user in a company, Magics Essentials is the easy-to-use software solution to effectively fix and edit your standalone 3D-printed parts.

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Why Magics Essentials?

Ease of use

Fall in love with Magics Essentials’ streamlined interface and logical workflow. Effortlessly fix your parts by following the intelligent advice provided by our software.

Seamless workflow

Magics Essentials' versatility allows it to handle all kinds of mesh files. It's optimized for preparing your design for printing.

Productivity and quality boost

Cut down on repetitive manual work and decrease your printing costs. Improve your material usage and significantly reduce printing time to produce impressive results.

Flexible pricing

Magics Essentials is available as a monthly or yearly subscription package and is ideal for ad hoc, project-based work or more frequent usage. As part of a scalable and integrated solution, this software can grow with your 3D printing needs.

Functionality of Magics Essentials

Repair challenging errors

Use Magics’ fixing toolbox to tackle inverted normals, disconnected triangles, and overlapping shells. From automatic to manual corrections, you choose how you fix your design.

A 3D image of part with holes and a u-shaped groove

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