Revolutionizing the healthcare industry through 3D printing

The medical industry never stands still, which means innovation is key. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need a technology you can rely on with proven credentials in your industry. With 3D printing at Materialise, you can take advantage of unmatched design freedom to create truly unique solutions and enable mass customization across your product line, move from design to serial production quickly and affordably, and benefit from de-risked and sustainable supply chains.

Close-up view of the tips of microsurgical instruments

Why choose 3D printing?

Sustainable supply chains

With 3D printing and a digital inventory, you can eliminate stock risk through just-in-time, on-demand manufacturing. This reduces waste and the total cost of ownership, resulting in leaner operations.

Operational efficiency

Reduce the production, assembly, and maintenance costs of tools by redesigning for 3D printing. Improve the performance of production parts or merge several components into one to optimize output.

Market-ready innovation

Take advantage of 3D printing’s unmatched design freedom to create truly unique solutions and enable customization across your product line. With a significantly shorter time-to-market, you can develop new products and respond to the shifting demands of your industry faster than ever.

Cost-effective small series production

With no minimum order quantities, manufacturing with 3D printing can start at a series of one. Produce unique components on-demand and eliminate the need for tooling or build high-quality masters for vacuum casting.

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing?

Dedicated quality management

The stringent requirements of the medical technology industry make quality control and traceability crucial in your production process. Our standardized NPI process for serial production guarantees repeatability, traceability, and high-quality products — all backed by quality management principles in accordance with ISO9001 and a team experienced in bringing medical devices safely to the market.

Flexible production methods

Whether you’re producing a prototype or moving into serial production, our range of in-house production methods provides access to whichever technology best fits your purpose. Find everything from vacuum casting to 3D printing in polymers and metals, all in one place.

Engineering-grade materials

Our portfolio is built to meet the diverse needs and strict regulations of the medtech industry. Access engineering-grade and flame retardant materials, plus technical and cosmetic finishes, tailored to your requirements.

The extra mile

Our ability to go beyond merely printing and finishing the part allows us to meet specialist requirements, such as small assemblies and packaging goods in our certified cleanroom environment to assure parts are sterile if necessary.

Ideal materials for medtech

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Typical uses of 3D printing in medtech

Handheld devices

For innovative handheld medical devices like HOYA’s Vision Simulator, going from prototype to final design can be an expensive and lengthy process. With 3D printing, you can reduce time-to-market, produce low volumes affordably, and easily adjust the design to respond to market feedback.

Back view of the vacuum casted housing for HOYA's Vision Simulator system


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