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Build it fast; build it well; build it affordably — the mantra of the automotive industry. From quick, performant prototypes and visual models to small series manufacturing and automotive tooling, you can tick every box by bringing in 3D printing. Discover how Materialise can help you do it with a portfolio of services dedicated to every stage of the automotive industry workflow.

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Why choose 3D printing?

Rapid time-to-market

Manage costs and risk

Embrace innovation

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing?

On-hand expertise

Diverse services

Barrierless prototyping

Think big

Design and engineering expertise

Ideal materials for the automotive industry

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Typical 3D printing applications in automotive

Concept models

Design true-to-life models, big or small, and do it faster than ever before, thanks to additive manufacturing and the help of an expert team. Choose from a wide range of visual materials and finishes, such as texturing and painting, to create your concepts.

White and gray 3D-printed car seats with shiny bronze accents in either arm.

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