Orthotics and Prosthetics

Every patient is unique. Your products should be, too.

Orthotics and prosthetics are ideal applications for 3D printing, bringing many advantages to both patients and professionals. Discover how you can take advantage of them all, from improving treatment plans through personalized devices to the added efficiency of design automation and simplified workflows. 

A podiatrist shows a patient how to insert a 3D-printed phits insole into a running shoe.

Why choose 3D printing?

Mass customization

Design automation

Simplified design-to-order workflow

No minimum order quantities

Why choose Materialise?

Ideal materials

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Typical applications


Whether you’re producing over-the-counter insoles or custom-made correctional orthotics such as Materialise phits, 3D printing offers new levels of customization and accuracy that traditional methods cannot compete with.

A medical professional picking up a collection of 3D-printed phits orthotics

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