Designed by Assa Ashuach

The Omi.MGX pendant lamp is a true testament to modern technology and shows the amazing potential of 3D printing. Emerging from the printer in a single piece, this is a lamp that begs to be admired and touched. With a bend or a twist, its shape can be transformed, allowing it to be adjusted to compliment different spaces and inspire different moods. Made of nylon, it radiates with a soft, calming glow. It should come as no surprise that the Omi.MGX received a Red Dot Design Award in 2006/2007, further proving the incredible appeal of this unique lamp.

Omi.MGX Sketch


Design Museum London
Musium of China, Beijing


Red Dot Design Award 2006
Red Dot Design Award 2007


Assa Ashuach was born in Israel in 1969 and completed a BA in product design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Just after graduating, he opened a studio that dealt mainly with design in cooperation with architects. One of the studio’s major projects was the football stadium VIP...

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