Machinery and Equipment

Optimize industrial production with 3D printing

3D printing brings a competitive edge to every stage of the production line, whether you’re manufacturing the final part or the machine that builds it. Create innovative production tools and prototypes; optimize uptime and make obsolescence obsolete with 3D-printed spare parts that are never out of date; and keep your production running smoothly, with lower costs, flexible operations, and de-risked supply chains. 

Water bottle manufacturing machine in a production line

Why choose 3D printing? 

A competitive edge 

Operational efficiency 

Increase performance, lower costs 

Why choose Materialise Manufacturing?

Design & Engineering expertise 

The options you need 

Post-processing included 

A standardized NPI process 

Ideal materials for machinery and equipment

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Typical 3D printing applications in machinery and equipment

Housings and enclosures

Create unique and customized housings designed fit-for-purpose with production-grade materials. With technologies like 3D printing and vacuum casting, you can adapt designs quickly and easily to keep up with changing requirements and produce the parts you need in short series. 

Box 3D printed in PA-AF with "LABMAN" etched into the lid


Get inspired for your next project with a look at how others have used 3D printing for machinery and equipment. 

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