Small Series Production

Transform your approach to low volume production with 3D printing

Whether you’re printing one part or one thousand, simple or complex, small series manufacturing goes further with 3D printing. Take advantage of unmatched design freedom to create new, improved parts; save time and money with a digital inventory and minimum order quantity of one; reduce assembly and lead times by designing in functionalities; and rely on our expertise in series production to make it happen.

A series of metal 3D-printed production line parts

Why choose 3D printing?

Improve part performance

Save time and money

Optimize your supply chain


Get inspired for your next project by looking at how others have used 3D printing for small series production.

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Other applications

Mass customization

Take advantage of 3D printing’s potential to make mass customization scalable and economically viable to ensure every product is right for your customers.

Rows of 3D-printed eyewear frames in different colors