Small Series Production

Transform your approach to low volume production with 3D printing

Whether you’re printing one part or one thousand, simple or complex, small series manufacturing goes further with 3D printing. Take advantage of unmatched design freedom to create new, improved parts; save time and money with a digital inventory and minimum order quantity of one; reduce assembly and lead times by designing in functionalities; and rely on our expertise in series production to make it happen.

A series of metal 3D-printed production line parts

Why choose 3D printing?

Improve part performance

With 3D printing’s design freedom, you can improve existing parts or envision something entirely new. Reduce assembly time by integrating multiple components into a single design; improve performance by designing in new functionalities that would not be possible with the constraints of traditional manufacturing; and do it all faster than ever through affordable design iterations.

Save time and money

Choosing 3D printing as your primary technology comes with fewer entry barriers than traditional manufacturing methods. Thanks to lower upfront costs and less need to invest in your production line through repairs, spare parts, and innovations, you can save both time and money by investing in additive manufacturing (AM).

Optimize your supply chain

A digitalized workflow brings plenty of benefits to serial manufacturing, particularly when it comes to your supply chain. Take advantage of a minimum order quantity of one, on-demand manufacturing, and a digital inventory to ensure you produce or receive no more than you need, whenever you need it.

Small series success stories

Discover how additive manufacturing helped these companies make a difference through small series production.

3D-printed reinforcement panel with an EASA 21.J quality label designed by Expleo for a Boeing 737 dado panel
Small latches on dado panels tend to break frequently, needing costly replacements. Working together, Materialise and Expleo developed an EASA-compliant reinforcement panel that strengthens Boeing 737 dado panels against future breakages and removes the need to replace the entire panel.
Side-by-side comparison of 3D-printed titanium lift brackets. One is solid and the other has an optimized design with holes
eVTOL startup LIFT uses additive manufacturing to produce over 100 components of their aircraft, including the ENDY bracket — a crucial part of their safety features — with a weight reduction of around 40%.
Interior view of Airbus spacer panel, printed in Ultem 9085
With tight retrofit timeframes to meet, Airbus was looking for a quick and smart solution to produce panels in small batches. Working hand in hand, we produced the company’s first-ever cabin-ready 3D-printed parts, reducing both weight and lead times in the process.
Two micro instruments that hold needles with 3D-printed parts
MMI uses AM extensively to manufacture end-use parts for their surgical kits, particularly disposable parts of instruments. Besides the ability to manufacture on demand, MMI’s innovation-minded product team also appreciates 3D printing’s suitability for complex design.


Get inspired for your next project by looking at how others have used 3D printing for small series production.

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