Fractal.MGX Sketch


Designed by WertelOberfell

Designed in collaboration with Matthias Bär and based on an earlier prototype called the “Fractal-T”, the Fractal.MGX is a coffee table which derived from studies into the fractal growth patterns of trees. Reinforcing the growing bond between nature and mathematical formulas, the table is comprised of treelike stems which grow into smaller branches until they get very dense towards the top. Manufactured as a single piece, without seams or joints, using stereolithography and epoxy resin, the Fractal.MGX would be impossible to produce using other manufacturing methods.

Fractal.MGX 1
Fractal.MGX 2
Fractal.MGX 3

account_balance Museums:

Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Design Hub Barcelona


WertelOberfell - Platform was founded in 2007 by Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel. Both studied Industrial Design in Stuttgart at the State Academy of Arts, a school which is based on the Ulmer Schule and Bauhaus models. Before the founding of their London based practice, they worked...

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