Designed by One & Co

The Cadence.MGX pendant lamp builds on the theme established by the Sequence.MGX Bowl and the Con_Sequence.MGX lamp. It is a theme of transformation, from solid to liquid, both esthetically and physically, and it is an idea once thought to be impossible to produce in a single material. The development from a subtle pattern to an intricately intertwined and malleable surface gives the Cadence.MGX lamp its unique appeal. The progressively intensifying light invites touch and inspires the observer’s imagination. Similar to the other objects in this series, there is a macro and micro, a simple and a complex, that give these objects their unique quality of balance and beauty.



Good Design Award 2011
Good Design Award 2012


One & Co is an award winning, San Francisco based design studio that works within a broad range of industries, including technology, sporting goods, fashion, lifestyle, housewares and furniture. Led by principals Jonah Becker, Claude Zellweger, and Scott Croyle,...

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