Assa Ashuach

Assa Ashuach was born in Israel in 1969 and completed a BA in product design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Just after graduating, he opened a studio that dealt mainly with design in cooperation with architects. One of the studio’s major projects was the football stadium VIP lounge at Bloomfield Tel Aviv. In 2001, Assa moved to London where he continued to work on his studio’s projects while completing a MA at the Royal College of Art and Design. He graduated in 2003 and received the RCA Society and Thames & Hudson Art Book Award for that same year. His studio today focuses on three main tracks: product design, collaboration with archi-tects and self-production. Assa also teaches 3D design using digital tools and machinery, and has exhibited at different galleries and museums, including the Esplanade Spiral Building in Tokyo, to which he was invited by IDEE.

Some of Assa’s work was bought by The Contemporary Art Society for The Special Collection Scheme in London in 2004.

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