Pushing the boundaries of conventional design

.MGX pairs creativity with an unconventional technology. By inviting artists, designers and architects to work with us, we created a pioneering 3D-printed design collection that still inspires and influences to this day. One of the first initiatives of its kind, .MGX showcases the versatility of 3D Printing, and simultaneously pushes the boundaries of conventional Design.


Materialise collaborates with Ron Arad on one of our very first design projects to create Bouncing Vase.


.MGX is born at 100% Design London, with the launch of 3D-printed lamps Lily.MGX and Lotus.MGX.

“The lampshades that will change the world” – Icon, June 2003


Patrick Jouin launches his Solid Collection, which includes the very first pieces of 3D-printed furniture made in collaboration with .MGX.

“On a small scale, Stereolithography has enabled us to fabricate objects that could not be cast in a mold: we can imagine, on an industrial level, a new freedom of creation, which would notably emancipate us from the limitations of molds” – Patrick Jouin in Domus, January 2005

The One_Shot.MGX, designed by Patrick Jouin, is launched – a stool printed with fully articulated joints.

The Lily.MGX receives the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

21 Most Influential – Icon, March 2005

“Rapid prototyping is perhaps the most revolutionary fabrication technique since the invention of the potter’s wheel. (…) Materialise is the main driving force behind this creative revolution.” – Icon, March 2005


account_balance The MoMa in New York acquires the Lotus.MGX and One_Shot.MGX, making these designs some of the first 3D-printed pieces in a museum.

account_balance The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York welcomes the One_Shot.MGX to their collection.


Yet another unique design is added to the collection: the Damned.MGX by Luc Merx. It was only with rapid prototyping technology that it was possible to construct this intricately and elaborately formed lamp.



Assa Ashuach creates the A.I. chair with .MGX, using artificial intelligence to calculate its 3D-printed design.

With the launch of the Fractal.MGX by WertellOberfell, design boundaries are pushed even further by using a mathematical algorithm based on the fractal growth patterns found in trees to create the table’s design.


The Quin.MGX is launched and instantly named as one of today’s most influential designs and ideas in the Design 100, Time Magazine.

The Design 100, Time Magazine 2009

account_balance The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York acquires the Fractal.MGX.

"Arik Levy and .MGX collaborate in the creation of HANDSHAKE, a sculpture which is the embodiment of an emotional expression.

A special edition of the HANDSHAKE was donated to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France."


Our Bloom, Volume.MGX and Cadence.MGX designs were launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. They are characterized by their integrated functionality and adaptability to the user’s needs.

Bloom wins both the Good Design Award 2010 and the Red Dot Design Award 2011.


The V&A in London hosts the world’s first exhibition to feature only 3D-printed objects. Entitled Industrial Revolution 2.0. and curated by Murray Moss, it featured a 3D-printed bust of Lady Belhaven by milliner Stephen Jones; the Fractal.MGX, the One_Shot.MGX, Bloom and many other designs from the .MGX collection.


.MGX collaborates with milliner Elvis Pompilio to create a 3D-printed collection of hats and accessories. This ready-to-wear collection was presented during the first exclusively 3D-printed fashion show hosted at the Materialise World Conference, which marked the start of a broader use of 3D Printing for wearables.


.MGX was featured in a special exhibition during the Seoul Design Festival.


The Lily.MGX was featured in Dezeen’s “Most Loved” collection, a series of interviews exploring design objects which have become modern classics.

“The Lily light paved the way for things to come in 3D printing”. – Dezeen, October 2016

account_balance .MGX has designs in over 20 museums worldwide and has received nine prestigious design awards for its transgressive and innovative creations.