Pushing the boundaries of conventional design


Red Dot Design Award 2011
Good Design Award 2011

.MGX pairs creativity with an unconventional technology. By inviting artists, designers and architects to work with us, we created a pioneering 3D-printed design collection that still inspires and influences to this day. One of the first initiatives of its kind, .MGX showcases the versatility of 3D Printing, and simultaneously pushes the boundaries of conventional Design.

Explore the Collection

Learn all about the pieces that made it into the .MGX collection over the years.

Own a Piece of Design History

Now available only in very limited quantities, these designs are anticipated to become true collector’s items. We invite you to own a piece of design history before it’s too late!

Bringing 3D Printing to You

.MGX marked a transition in the industry, which saw 3D Printing go from a technology almost exclusively used for prototypes, to being used in a whole variety of applications such as consumer products and design. And the industry is still in constant evolution, as evidenced by the growing trend of individuals creating their own 3D prints and innovations. With the idea of being able to give anyone the chance to 3D print their designs and creations, our online 3D printing service i.materialise was born. We can’t wait to print your next great idea.