Remodeling and File Preparation

Think of 3D Printing as a toolbox. And use every single tool in the box.

Our engineers have a keen eye for design optimization. Send us your files and we’ll work with you to make your design more functional, esthetic, lighter, smoother or simply better suited for 3D Printing. Whether you’re just looking for enhanced printability or some more in-depth revisions of your design, we’re happy to help.

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Data Optimization

Regardless of how far into the design process you are, talk to us to see if your data can be optimized to take better advantage of 3D Printing. Just starting from a 2D design with A-face data? We can create the 3D file and get it ready to print. Or if you’re up to your neck in a particularly challenging design project, rely on our engineering team for file repair and preparation. With an array of software tools developed in-house, we can handle the heaviest design files, generate reinforcement support structures, design complex cuts, or address your other design requirements.

Surface Texturing

Textures can add esthetic appeal or enhanced functionality to your 3D-printed parts. You can use textures to improve grip, aerodynamics and tactility, or even just to personalize a product. You can also mimic the look of other materials, like leather or wood. And you don’t need to spend valuable time in post-production to add textures: we can apply surface textures, patterns or perforations directly on your CAD file, thanks to our software Materialise 3-matic. Your part is 3D-printed directly with your chosen texture, no matter how complex or customized you need it to be.

Lattice Structures

Complexity doesn’t cost you extra in Additive Manufacturing. But material usage does. Whether you’re trying to optimize your costs or use lightweight parts for their performance value, Additive Manufacturing allows you to create shapes which are impossible or too costly to produce with traditional technologies. Besides material costs, lightweight parts can directly translate into lower running costs in industries like aerospace, aeronautics and automotive. Talk to our engineers to see how we can optimize your designs and translate them into lightweight components.

Post-Topology Optimization

After topology optimization, your resulting CAD file most likely features uneven surfaces which aren’t ideal for 3D Printing. Our engineering team can help you rebuild your new organic design in CAD, using our dedicated post-topology optimization module in Materialise 3-matic. Give us your topology-optimized files, and we’ll smooth, reconstruct and simplify the design for a cleaner part that’s ready to print.