Design for Additive Manufacturing

Your design partner for every stage, from concept to serial production.

Whatever your goals for Additive Manufacturing are, you’ll only reach them if you design towards them from the start. That could mean bringing down costs, eliminating assembly time, improving functionality or aesthetics. As your partner in design for Additive Manufacturing, we support you in every stage of the design process. From the co-creation of the concept, to product development, rapid prototyping and serial manufacturing.

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Manufacturing for Design

For us at Materialise, your ideas come first. Make manufacturing technologies serve your ideas, and don’t compromise on your inspiration while translating it into designs. Additive Manufacturing offers you immense design freedom, but using it requires understanding the interplay between production technology, material and the intended application of your design. With one of the world’s most comprehensive AM facilities, you can count on our unbiased advice on the best technology and material for your project. To make the most of that combination, partner up with our Design & Engineering team and turn your ideas into products.

Functionality Integration

Integrating functionality into your design can help you reduce the number of components, simplify assembly, and reduce the time and costs of post-production processes. You can reduce the risk of leakage or manual and mechanical assembly errors by directly integrating features such as hinges, vacuum channels or snap-fits. Cushioning structures and textures can improve your part’s impact resistance and functionality. Talk to our Design & Engineering team to see how integrating functionality could help you save assembly costs and time.

Ensuring Manufacturability

Design isn’t only about optimizing functionality and esthetics for your part, but also impacts manufacturability parameters. Clever design can help you save costs and time in serial production by cutting down on post-processing and assembly. It also has the potential to improve the robustness of your design, or help you make optimal use of the available build volume, making your serial production more cost-effective. As the trusted manufacturing partner of companies in highly regulated industries, we can help you arrive at a design that will prove profitable for your business now as well as tomorrow.