3D Scanning and Measuring

Customized metrology
that measures up to your expectations.

3D scanning can be a key contributor to your design process, by stepping up your quality control, enabling reverse engineering, or even acting as a starting point for printing. Want to make sure the product you’ve designed is dimensionally accurate? Need a fast physical representation of your scan? Want to duplicate a product even without the original CAD data? Talk to us to see how we could meet your needs with our complete and customized scanning and measurement service.

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Quality Control

Get a closer look at the dimensional quality of your design, with high accuracy and speed. When you need quality control and inspection of a physical part, our high-precision 3D scanners are a fast and comprehensive solution. We provide custom measurement reports along with your product, giving you a better view on the dimensional accuracy of your design. With a CAD file of your product, you’re free to efficiently make any required changes. 

STL + Print

Backed by the largest single-site 3D printing facilities in Europe, we have the tools at hand to directly print from scanned data. Our software Materialise 3-matic turns point clouds into printable STL files accurately and cost-efficiently, and sends them to print. We’ll make sure your physical product looks as it should, using the wide range of materials and finishes available in our Factory for 3D Printing. 

Reverse Engineering

Our in-house scanning systems allow us to digitize whatever components you have in mind. This digital information can then be used to create a new component or directly optimize its design for Additive Manufacturing. If you’re looking to optimize the design of a legacy part, or construct a replacement for a broken component, reverse engineering from a 3D scan can save you days or weeks of manual design. Our software Materialise 3-matic lets you go straight from scanned or CAD data to analysis and other CAE applications.