Joining Forces for Meaningful Innovation

Additive Manufacturing offers a unique way to solve complex design challenges. But what does that mean for your business? How would a switch to 3D Printing affect your product development, manufacturing workflow and business model? We invite you to co-create with us and merge your experience, knowledge and creativity with our Additive Manufacturing expertise. Make us your sparring partner for manufacturing, and discover the transformative potential of 3D Printing.

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Update your team on all things Additive Manufacturing

Are you developing the additive manufacturing activities in your organization? Do you want to build up an internal knowledge-base on the subject?

Book a seat in an upcoming 3DP Academy workshop, and let us fill you in on all things 3D Printing: from popular technologies and materials to best practices in design and engineering, each illustrated by our latest customer cases.

Spot parts that can benefit from Additive Manufacturing

The possibilities of 3D Printing are endless, yet finding the right applications can often be a challenge. Would that part be better 3D-printed? Or is it already the best it can get?

Our engineers can rely on Materialise’s 25+ years of experience with 3D Printing, and we know how to spot parts that can benefit from Additive Manufacturing. Just take a walk with us around your production line.

Stay ahead of the curve with meaningful innovations

3D Printing has transformed the way businesses run today, inspiring new and sustainable business models in diverse industries. But how do you find this sweet spot for 3D Printing?

In a synergetic brainstorming session, we invite you to combine your knowledge of your market and its demands with our understanding of 3D Printing and how it can uniquely meet your market demands.

Hear It from Our Partners in Co-Creation

“During the workshop at Materialise we had the chance to understand in depth the key aspects of Additive Manufacturing, in order to apply them to our company and reach our goals. It was a pleasure to see how a really innovative company works.”
– Ioannis Malliaros, Machine Design Engineer at BIC

“When we started working with Materialise in 2014, the collaboration led us to start thinking about bigger breakthroughs that our combined knowledge could trigger. What we found in Materialise was not only a manufacturing partner but an all-round collaborator at every stage.”
– Félix España, Global New Media Manager at HOYA Vision Care

“True innovation in a fast-developing environment needs collaborations of dedicated teams, striving to push new technologies beyond their boundaries. In our cooperation with Materialise, we found both: high levels of engagement and dedication with the willingness of bringing projects to the next level of success.”
– Jürgen Bischoff, CEO & President of SEIKO Optical Europe