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Whether you’re looking for end-parts or prototypes, state-of-the-art metal production shouldn’t mean complicated workflows. You need metal production services that combine engineering expertise with state-of-the-art Metal 3D Printing and CNC milling under one roof. All supported by a dedicated project management team and certified manufacturing know-how.

Leave the complexity to the parts. As for your workflow, our one-stop-shop will keep it simple.

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Metal 3D Printing

This technology, also known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM), combines the design flexibility of 3D printing with the mechanical properties of metal. With Materialise, you get to determine the right balance of performance and efficiency for each project by choosing between the Standard and Performance grades for Metal 3D Printing. 

  • Single-build dimensions up to 500 x 280 x 345 mm
  • Choice of 4 alloys
  • Multiple post-production options and surface finishing degrees
  • Standard and performance grades
  • Suitable for prototypes, production tools, and low-volume manufacturing

Need metal parts larger than a 3D printing build platform? Try TetraShell, a rapid reproduction technique ideal for realizing complex investment casting projects.

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NEW: Standard and Performance Grades

Choose the right balance of performance and efficiency for each project.

Standard Grade


The all-rounder
It’s all about the technology

  • Industry-standard quality requirements
  • Ideal for prototypes and simple end-parts
  • Form-, fit- and function-testing
  • Strength and density similar to cast parts
Performance Grade


The specialist
For complex production

  • Ideal for complex metal parts designed for AM
  • Applications in demanding environments
  • Suited for series production
  • Strength and density more performant than casting
  • Specialized quality test reports available to your specification

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Design & engineering services

Whatever your goals for 3D printing are, you’ll only reach them if you design towards them from the start. Our Design & Engineering team specializes in assessing how design optimization could help you bring down costs, eliminate assembly time, improve functionality, or simply develop a better product.

  • Design for M3DP and design consultancy
  • Data preparation, texturing & lattice structures
  • 3D scanning and remodeling
  • Topology Optimization and Linear Static Simulations

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Suction gripper redesign

After three iterations of design for this suction gripper, we engineered a solution that costs 70% less than the original, is nearly a quarter of the weight, and needs no assembly.

Certified additive manufacturing

Manufacturing is about much more than production volumes: it’s about quality, reliability and repeatability. How do we achieve that? Discover the six pillars of our Certified Additive Manufacturing approach.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for production, post-production and quality inspection
  • Processes certified by the most demanding industries, including aerospace and medical devices
  • In-house R&D for continuous innovation in technologies and materials

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Post-machining services

For the cases when you need the pinpoint precision of CNC milling to realize threads, boreholes and fine surface details, we offer 5-axis CNC milling as a post-production service for 3D-printed metal parts. The best of both worlds, so you can combine the design flexibility of 3D printing with the accuracy of post-machining.

  • Optional post-production on 3D-printed metal parts
  • Standard accuracy of ±50 µm
  • Ideal for plane milling, boreholes and threads

Quality first

For your most specialized metal production projects, you need a manufacturing partner you can count on. Quality is the foundation of that relationship. Our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility is equipped to make sure we produce your parts your way.

  • Dedicated alloys per machine, per room, to prevent cross-contamination
  • In-house quality check of post-machined parts
  • Weekly control cards validating machine performance 

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