Somos® TetraShell™

DSM Somos TetraShell software converts solid 3D design files into lightweight, hollow models that can be 3D printed using stereolithography to create high-quality patterns for investment casting or lost wax casting. As well as being well suited for creating prototypes, these 3D-printed patterns are ideal for tool validation and for casting small series of metal components.

Close-up view of circular parts cast from patterns created using the Tetrashell technology in TuskXC2700T

Why work with Materialise Manufacturing?

Pairing TetraShell software with Materialise's stereolithography expertise lets you create high-quality, 3D-printed patterns for your investment casting or lost wax casting projects, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive tool production. With our patented Mammoth printers, you can even print patterns up to two meters long in a single build, reducing the risk of surface flaws.

Technical specifications

Maximum build dimensions

The maximum build envelope is 2,100 x 700 x 800 mm

Standard accuracy

±0.2% (with a lower limit on ±0.2 mm)


For Somos Tetrashell projects we use TuskXC2700T. 

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