Selective Laser Sintering

Laser sintering is a popular and versatile 3D printing technology thanks to its high precision, design freedom, and wide range of production-grade materials. Suitable for all stages of the production lifecycle, from prototyping to small series or custom manufacturing, laser-sintered parts need no support structures, making it possible to produce even the most complex geometries.

View of the inside of a 3D-printed food nozzle lying on its side

Why work with Materialise Manufacturing?

At Materialise, we help you push the limits of possible with laser sintering. Our wide choice of materials and finishing degrees let you bring even the most complex designs to life. From prototypes to serial manufacturing, you can count on our in-depth understanding of laser sintering to help you achieve outstanding results. And with our Fast Lane service available for selected materials and finishes when you order online, your model can be on your desk within 48 hours. 

Discover applications of laser sintering

Black cable twist wheel for aircraft, printed in PA 12 using laser sintering
3D printing made it possible to develop a lightweight, ready-to-use cable twist wheel for aircraft cables, with an innovative double-acting hinge.
Interior view of laser sintered nozzle for creating multi-colored marshmallows
Using PA 12 (SLS) as the final part material made this marshmallow nozzle ten times less expensive than a conventionally manufactured stainless steel nozzle.
Small, snap-lid bottle laser sintered in polypropylene
High elongation at break makes laser sintered polypropylene the perfect choice for functional prototypes that require frequent movement, such as hinges.
Grey QualiCal shaft level indicator shown with red lid
Honeycomb structures and performance thermoplastics allowed QualiCal to revolutionize the design of their shaft level indicator, slashing downtime.
Series of connectors used in building Maggie Shelters, laser sintered in Bluesint PA 12
Seeking a sustainable solution, the Maggie Program printed connectors for their temporary shelters using Bluesint PA 12, which is made from 100% re-used powder.

Technical specifications

Maximum build dimensions

Dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts. 

The maximum build envelope is 630 x 330 x 550 mm

Standard accuracy

±0.3% (with a lower limit on ±0.3 mm)

Layer thickness

0.12 mm

Minimum wall thickness

1 mm, but living hinges are possible at 0.3 mm

Surface structure

Unfinished parts typically have a grainy surface but various post-production finishes are possible


Choose from a broad selection of materials when you come to Materialise for your laser sintering projects.

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