Because extraordinary technologies need extraordinary tools.

A proper software platform is key for managing Additive Manufactured series production. Whether it’s to tap into the design potential of 3D Printing, to convert CAD optimally into machine code or to rule out human errors, we rely on decades of experience in software development for Additive Manufacturing. Every single innovation finds its way straight to our Factory for 3D Printing.

A Powerful Engine

In a streamlined AM production line, nothing can be left to chance. However advanced today’s industrial 3D printers may be, they’re not manufacturing-proof until they are integrated with other applications and processes. Automation, and dedicated monitoring tools for every step of the manufacturing process, are indispensable for reliable, repeatable and traceable part production.

Manage & streamline your AM production

Additive Manufacturing Control Platform

Our embedded hardware system, the Materialise Control Platform, guarantees greater control over quality for the manufacturing of end-use parts. It was developed to support the extremely demanding quality control systems and processes needed to assure the correct production of printed end-parts in demanding industries.

Take control over Additive Manufacturing

“Automation and control is key in a modern AM factory. It’s the path to keeping cost and lead times at an acceptable level while continuously monitoring the printing process.”
Eva Descamps, Marketing & Strategy Manager