Research & Development

Because we won’t stop challenging the status quo.

For over 25 years we have been innovating and shaping industries through the use of Additive Manufacturing. What once started under the wings of the Leuven University has grown to be a full-blown research unit on its own, with the relentless ambition to keep improving Additive Manufacturing.


Take any major development in 3D Printing and chances are someone from Materialise was involved. Whether in local-focused partnerships, or large-scale global research, our worldwide resources always keep a finger on the pulse. Materialise has collaborative relationships in many countries, including long-standing partnerships with universities, research institutes, and suppliers.

One Step Ahead

Being active on the different areas of the 3D printing spectrum allows for the unique exchange of know-how that occurs at Materialise. Our certified industrial production benefits from software research and breakthroughs in our medical applications, and vice versa. This way of working has resulted in the filing of numerous patents, many of which brought us competitive advantages that also give you the chance to stay ahead.

“A product is only as good as the applied production technology allows it to be. The magic happens at the crossroad of design, application, technology and material. Our experts in these fields ensure that the customer gets what they need.”
Toon Roels, R&D and Engineering Manager