Because everything can go wrong if you don’t make sure it goes right.

All of our certified manufacturing projects follow dedicated procedures to ensure you receive exactly what you require, every single time. Over the years, Materialise has continuously improved its Quality Management System and we’re proud of the certifications that are proof of our efforts.

Understanding Your Business to Shape Ours

3D Printing is an extraordinary tool that offers potential for each and every industry. As a supplier, we help you reach your goals by aligning with the specific quality, safety and reliability standards that are inherent to your business. Intensive programs to ensure a successful production run help us to be the manufacturing partner you are looking for. Since adopting specific aerospace industry standards, we have received EASA Part 21G and EN9100 certification. This allows authorized delivery of airworthy additive manufactured end-use parts.

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Continuous Improvement

Materialise values the quality management principles under ISO 9001:2008 with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. On a regular basis, we perform customer surveys and customer journey workshops to receive valuable input. This spurs us on and enables us to constantly improve the entire organization.

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Data Security and Confidentiality

With extensive experience in handling highly sensitive data, ranging from our medical services to industrial, we have processes in place to ensure that your data remains secure and accessible only to the teams you know and trust. We have in-house legal expertise to formalize mutual confidentiality and intellectual property ownership agreements.

“We don’t just print parts. Every series production goes through a number of predefined phases first. The actual printing is the icing on the cake.”
Erik de Zeeuw, Manufacturing Project Manager