Because great ideas need a future too.

Preserving the environment and working towards a better future is inherent to bringing great ideas to life. 3D Printing can have a huge effect on the way we use natural resources. We consider it part of our job to actively work on this aspect of the technology as much as we do on all others.

We Care

We’re working hard to understand, address, and minimize the negative environmental effects of our activities. That’s why we recycle and reuse raw materials wherever possible, and use solar power to run our facilities. We even heat the offices with the energy generated by our FDM production. And our efforts are backed by the ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system.

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Baobab Express

Ethics & Social Engagement

Using technology in working towards a better world concerns not only what you do, but also who you do it for. We act according to our mission and refuse to collaborate with companies, services or products that jeopardize “a good and healthy world”. Moreover, we invest in programs that provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers and individuals in communities around the world.

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“Reducing the use of raw materials on one hand, and not addressing the use of harmful substances on the other would simply not make sense. We continue working towards a better world in every possible way.”
Jolijn Nijs, Environmental Coordinator