Can an Unconventional Technology Meet Your Industry’s Standards?

Right from the beginning, it has been our ambition to help develop better products through the use of Additive Manufacturing. An ambition driven by innovation, expertise and the strong belief that technology can transform the way businesses run. An ambition that made us the certified additive manufacturing plant we are today, as we prove to be the reliable production partner of great companies, with great ideas for us to bring to life.

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Certified Additive Manufacturing at Materialise

Industry experts predict a drastic rise in the adoption of 3D Printing by the manufacturing sector in the next 3-5 years. To Materialise, the industrialization of 3D Printing is not just a matter of scale. Manufacturing is about much more than production volumes: it’s about quality, reliability and repeatability. How do we achieve that? Discover the six pillars of our Certified Additive Manufacturing approach.


Because flexible processes require a solid base.

Manufacturing end-use parts with state-of-the-art technology requires state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are home to the most complete 3D Printing factory in the world. Not because we want to be the biggest, but because we want to provide you with the best possible service.

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Because extraordinary technologies need extraordinary tools.

A proper software platform is key for managing Additive Manufactured series production. Whether it’s to tap into the design potential of 3D Printing, to convert CAD optimally into machine code or to rule out human errors, we rely on decades of experience in software development for Additive Manufacturing. Every single innovation finds its way straight to our Factory for 3D Printing.

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Because everything can go wrong if you don’t make sure it goes right.

All of our certified manufacturing projects follow dedicated procedures to ensure you receive exactly what you require, every single time. Over the years, Materialise has continuously improved its Quality Management System and we’re proud of the certifications that are proof of our efforts.

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Because a high-tech solution is nothing without a personal touch.

People are the cornerstone of Materialise. We’re proud to count on some of the industry’s most experienced engineers, designers and finishers. They are the innovators that help us deliver the right solutions to tackle your manufacturing challenges. With this strong pool of human resources enabling our innovation, we believe in a fair, open and direct company culture that respects every employee’s potential.

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Because great ideas need a future too.

Preserving the environment and working towards a better future is inherent to bringing great ideas to life. 3D Printing can have a huge effect on the way we use natural resources. We consider it part of our job to actively work on this aspect of the technology as much as we do on all others.

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Research & Development

Because we won’t stop challenging the status quo.

For over 25 years we have been innovating and shaping industries through the use of Additive Manufacturing. What once started under the wings of the Leuven University has grown to be a full-blown research unit on its own, with the relentless ambition to keep improving Additive Manufacturing.

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