Getting started with Streamics

Your 3D printing operation has unique elements embedded in its workflow, based on your company’s standards, the industry you work in, the technology and machines available to you as well as your personal experience.

To ensure you are able to optimally adopt Materialise Streamics in your operations, we firstly analyze the needs of your team, the processes you use and the existing applications landscape in which you execute your AM operations. With this diagnosis, we will build a proposal together with you. This proposal can include anything from specific configurations, a description of customized or automated components to integration requirements with AM machines or third-party applications.

We can additionally deliver training to support your team in the change management process. And thanks to a dedicated helpdesk you can be sure of a smooth transition for your operations. Our proven implementation methodology is made to guarantee the professional delivery of your desired solution.



Thanks to a scalable annual licensing model, Materialise Streamics is a software system for all sizes of operations. The pre-configuration of our system is based on our 25+ years of experience in printing parts and developing software, which allows you to avoid lengthy upfront implementation efforts, time and associated costs and gives you a jump-start when first using the software system.

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