One 3D Printing Platform to Meet All Your Needs

Fully integrated software solutions to automate your production and ensure repeatability so you can focus on what really matters: improving your services and scaling your operations. Discover each of our solutions and their capabilities below.

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Covering your entire workflow

Production Request

Instant Quoting & Ordering

Manage 3DP orders from order to delivery

Production Planning

Control your entire production floor with one solution

Data Preparation & Serialisation

Make parts printable with industry-leading tools

Build Processors

Seamlessly link software to your 3D printers

Post Processing

Ensure each part is produced to specification

Order Fullfilled



  • Invite internal and external users to submit additive manufacturing orders from a single portal
  • Standardize quoting strategies with 2D and 3D nesting simulations as well as formula- and volume-based pricing
  • Gain visibility across all work orders based on user permission and access control

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Magics Pre-Print

  • Customize with modules for support generation, nesting, and more
  • Repair, edit, and enhance to optimize parts for printing
  • Analyze your builds and detect potential issues to avoid costly failures

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Process development

Magics Process Tuner

  • Ensure reliability and repeatability to scale your production
  • Identifies experiments using stats and simulation, so you don’t waste time on redundant tasks
  • Guided, automated workflows simplify your process development

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Machine communication

Magics Build Processors

  • Developed with you to offer unique, machine-specific features
  • Communicate clear printing information to your machine to maximize your success rate
  • Control over 180 parameters to reach optimal print quality and speed

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Link3D MES

  • Configure job travelers to track crucial quality data
  • Optimize production schedules to ensure on-time delivery
  • Maximize production efficiencies by analyzing manufacturing metrics and KPIs

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AM champions putting the Magics platform into action

3D Printing Lightweight Metal Parts at Scale for Pinarello: 2,000 Parts from Order to Delivery Every Three Weeks

By optimizing the design and streamlining production processes, the team went from order to delivery for 2,000 parts in three weeks, up to 20,000 parts.

How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

In the era of Industry 4.0 close collaboration, trusted partnerships and integrated AM software solutions give wing to more control, more efficiency, more choices, more productivity.

HeyGears Creates Personalized Prosthetic Designs in Seconds with Materialise Software

HeyGears came to Materialise to automate the design process of their prosthetic hands from point cloud to printed part, which we achieved with our API technology and automation platform.

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