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The 3D printing process requires manual file processing before parts can be quoted and printed. This is time-consuming, prone to errors, and a drain on profits.

Thanks to Materialise Robot as part of Materialise Streamics, operations such as quoting and STL repair can be performed automatically and reliably in the background, enabling you to operate faster and sustainably grow your AM business. What’s more, you can tune the automation to your specific needs and preferences.

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Why Choose Materialise Robot

Operate 24/7

Reduce your lead time and offer your customers better service by letting Materialise Robot perform repetitive operations day and night. Delegate laborious tasks or repetitive workflows from Materialise Magics to Materialise Robot. 

Reduce Lead Time

The automatic STL conversion, design repair and quoting, lower the workload in an impressive way, allowing you to serve even more customers. Start with Materialise Robot and then upgrade to Materialise Streamics to plan your builds and trace your parts.

Aim for a High ROI

By automating your workflow, you can process more files at a lower cost. If you process a high volume of files on a daily basis, Materialise Robot is a solution that will allow you to save money for the short and long term. 

Extend Your Software

Materialise Robot can be easily connected to your web portal or used with your own software.

Connection with third-party applications is possible through a REST and .NET API.

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Features of Materialise Robot

CAD to STL Conversion

You no longer need to open every single file and manually convert it to STL.

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Printability Check and Part Sorting

Materialise Robot can sort parts based on the presence of errors, wall thickness or other printability factors.

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Parameter Extraction for Quoting

Materialise Robot automatically extracts the parameters necessary for quoting your received parts.

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Automatic STL Repair and Optimization

Materialise Robot will automatically repair parts by first analyzing the part and then applying the required fixing procedure to it. 

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Create Your Own Workflow

The workflow editor allows you to combine operations in a unique workflow, to fulfill your specific needs.

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Automatic STL Optimization

Materialise Robot automatically minimizes the bounding box of a part, rescales it, reduces the number of triangles and optimizes its orientation.

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Extend Your Software

Materialise Robot can easily connect to your web portal or your own software. Connection with third-party applications is possible through a REST and .NET API.

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3D Nesting

Save time by letting our powerful nesting algorithm automatically nest your parts up to a specific density. You can also nest parts on multiple platforms

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Robot Case

Empowering and Supporting Luxexcel’s Online Business

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Realize Automatically Processes 50% of Their Customer Requests Online, Powered by Materialise Robot

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